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Wednesday, 28 April 10, 9:00 am
With all the plug-ins freely available for it, Eclipse is rapidly becoming the one-stop IDE of choice for all your programming needs. The Perl plug-in from EPIC (Eclipse Perl Integration) is compatible with Eclipse v3.1 and higher:

You need Perl installed on your system in order to make use of all the plug-in's features, such as syntax highlighting and source code formatting. If you're running Linux (why wouldn't you be??), you'll most likely already have an up-to-date Perl. Check with perl --version at the command line.

To install the plug-in, you can use the Eclipse Update Manager. Open it by selecting Help > Install New Software from the Eclipse menu. Click the Add button and enter as the update site.

Proceed through the installation process, and you should be good to go. OK any of the usual 'unsigned content' warnings, and Eclipse should finish by advising you to restart in order to apply the changes.

For this plug-in, a restart is not required, so just click Apply The Changes and your Perl functionality should all be available.
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