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Sunday, 3 January 10, 5:39 pm
Note that when using grub commands, spaces are important. In particular, a space is required after the commands root and setup (but before the first bracket) and no spaces should be used inside the brackets.

1) Boot from a Live CD
2) Open a terminal window or switch to a TTY and enter:
sudo grub
3) At the grub prompt, use the following command to determine where grub is installed:
find /boot/grub/stage1
4) Using the hard disk and partition given by the above, enter:
root (hd0,6) setup (hd0)
5) Then quit grub by typing quit, and reboot your machine.

If you need more information about the partitions on your disk, use:
sudo fdisk -l
Note that the partition numbers shown by fdisk begin at zero; grub however uses a zero-based index, so you'll need to subtract one from the number given by fdisk.
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