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Sunday, 5 July 15, 1:03 pm
XFCE can be configured through the usual array of settings dialogs, where you can alter settings for displays, power management, audio and more. XFCE also provides the xfconf-query tool for querying and setting the configuration on the command line. When run without arguments, xfconf-query outputs a list of channels:
$ xfconf-query Channels: xsettings xfce4-panel xfwm4 xfce4-desktop xfce4-settings-manager xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts xfce4-mixer thunar xfce4-power-manager keyboards xfce4-session displays
Channels are basically groupings of related settings. You can view all the settings in a channel with the -l switch specifying the channel with -c:
$ xfconf-query -lc thunar /last-icon-view-zoom-level /last-separator-position /last-show-hidden /last-view /last-window-height /last-window-maximized /last-window-width
To find the current value of a setting, specify the setting with the -p switch (for property) as well as the channel. Here's how to find how many minutes of inactivity before the screen is set to switch off:
$ xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/dpms-on-ac-off 10
To change a setting, use the -s switch followed by the new value. This command dsiables screen power-saving ie it always stays on:
$ xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/dpms-on-ac-off -s 0
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